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Welcome to the Guild Website! This section here will showcase our guild news and recent happenings. Feel free to look around and have fun

Welcome to Immortal Dragons

Immortal Dragons is a late night raiding guild progression based, we value organisation and doing things the Immortal Dragons way, we work together to make the guild stronger as a whole by

Working as a team
Helping our fellow members
Acting as a ambassador for our guild in all situations
Believe in positive intentions
Family First

Guild Rules - they are in place to keep our guild drama free & running smoothly so everyone can just play get things done & have fun  



  • Have Fun !! 
  • Drama is not welcome
  • Negative conversation &/or actions are not welcome
  • No trolling on trade
  • Treat other guild members with respect!
  • Take what you need from the guild bank and give when you can!
  • No swearing in Guild Chat or Vent
  • Only Raid Assistants or higher are to run raids
  • Respect the ranks
  • Guild kick - if you are inactive for a month without letting anyone know
  • VOA & Weekly do not pugg untill wednesday
  • Anyone who breaks any of the rules or raid guide lines will be removed from the Guild no questions asked


Immortal Whelps - a leveling guild for any of our alts and new members to level in and get geared  in they will be brought over to Immortal Dragons once they hit 80
And have a full set of T9 and have the time to raid
from there we will bring you on a raid to check raid awareness
if your raid awareness is good and you can follow instuctions we will move your toon over to immortal dragons




Regular events:

Tuesdays- VOA 25 and 10 thru out the day in a few different groups
Weekly- atleast 1 group will be run for the weekly frosts 

Toc and Icc

We would love to be able to bring everyone to these end game raids,  which is the goal for everyone who wants to raid.  They require alot of raid awareness and high gearscores. The best way to get yourself geared for these raids is to start from the bottom, run heroics everyday for your frost emblems  (from the daily random) and triumphs, This will get you basic raiding gear, also dungeons like fos, pos and hor drop very nice 232 gear, for new raiders we suggest you run naxx, os and eoe to learn how a raid runs and gain raid awareness and strategy skills, after clearing those move on to ulduar and ony from there toc then icc .

Ranking System

Initiate: Entry Rank

Member: You will be promoted to this rank once you have signed up to this site.

Whelp:  To earn this rank we look for 


Willingness to learn

Contributions to the Guild

Drake : To be promoted to this rank we look for the  above & also


Helpful to other members

Loyalty (including time spent in the guild)

Proto Drake :

Raid Assistant: The Raid Assitant is the raid leader's right hand
elf. They are to assist the raid leader in anyway possible and
should always be on top of things like organising summons ect.... 

Raid Leaders:

Grand Commander:

Guild Master: Midnightblue


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